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What do we want?

Our main goal is to set up a small childrenhome. Why small? We are small because we want to provide a good future for the kids. We also find it important that we can give all children equal attention, and that they receive proper guidance. For whatever reason, they do not have their parents or other family members who care for them, so we think it extra important that we build up a good relationship with the kids. Hence the conscious choice to keep it a small childrenhome. We do this on the basis of our Christian identity.

Besides setting up the childrenhome, we have other plans. We hope to cooperate in the future with volunteers and interns. They may include active within the childrenhome. We will also start looking for workplaces in hospitals, schools, childcare etc. We hope we can find a suitable place for everyone. Blessed Home is a fee counseling and shelter to volunteers and students. We also hope to set up a guesthouse for tourists and for relatives who want to visit our project.

All this will be varied and dynamic to ensure that our work. The proceeds we receive from the guesthouse and residence of volunteers and students should ensure that the childrenhome largely be able to rotate financially independent.

For more information, read our policy.

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