The board is keen to introduce to you. Held paramount that we carry out our work on a voluntary basis, so we do not apply a remuneration policy.

Chairman: Arnoud BoltĀ 


Vice-chairman: Michael Kojo Arhin.Voorzitter
The chairman of the foundation is Michael Kojo Arhin. Michael is from Ghana,He lived most of his years in Ghana was born in the Northern part of Ghana (Tamale),He attended his primary School there and completed his Junior Secondary aswell as Senior High School in (Kumasi) Kumasi is located in the Southern part of Ghana where the locals speak Twi. He lives permanently in Germany Now. Each year, Michael tries to go to Ghana once to visit his family and friends. He always make a meaningful journey. The realization that we are so good in Europe is evident. This has the great desire to really mean something in Ghana for vulnerable children. Michael knows that life in Ghana is not always easy. Therefore, he would like to help some orphans. Together with his wife he is committed to the full 100% in order to make a success of this project. They hope to run the childrenhome together, with the help of the locals.
For questions to the chairman, send him an email!




Treasurer: Martin SchuurmanPenningmeester
The foundation’s treasurer Martin Schuurman. Martin is the father of Marina, the initiator of the foundation. He has an understanding of financial matters. He is busy all day with figures associated with his own administration consultancy. That’s why we asked him as treasurer. Martin has visited Ghana twice, and he has seen one or two problems in terms of the country Ghana. That’s why he wants to be actively involved in this project. It is valuable for him that he actually can do something for this particular project, orphans in Ghana. He noticed when he was in Ghana, the government is absent in many respects for certain audiences. Orphans come up on the street, without a good future.
When you have any questions about the finances? Please feel free to contact our treasurer.




Julian Sweeting


Leon Serfontein