Sewing school Adepam

Since August 2020, the teenage mothers and daytime students have been following a seamstress training at the sewing school Adepam, which has been realised on the grounds of the Blessed Center for children. There is room for 24 students. 12 places are for the teenage mothers and the other 12 for young women from the area, whose parents cannot finance their training.

We have an experienced sewing teacher who provides the lessons 5 days a week.

The course lasts about 2 years, depending on the learning pace of the student. A exam must be taken to successfully complete the training. When they pass, the students receive an official diploma with which they can use to start working independently.

The following topics are covered during the training:

  • Sewing lessons
  • Designing
  • Customer service
  • Accountancy

In order to finance Adepam, we sell the products made by the students. We offer them online, as well as for the local community.