Mission & Vision

What do we do?

Our main goal is to create a stable and safe base for mother and child. The shelter is deliberately small-scale. We believe it is important that all teenage mothers and children receive equal attention and receive the right support.

Teenage mothers and daytime students are being trained as seamstresses. Sewing school Adepam has 24 training places and is located on the grounds of the foundation.

We offer temporary shelter for about 2 years. After completing the training, we guide these mothers to a stable living environment in which they can build an independent life with their children in Ghana. This requires public support from the Winneba community. Social Welfare and the churches also play an important role in this.

We hope for collaborations with volunteers and interns. We have contacts with a government hospital in Winneba for medical work / internship places. There are also contacts with the primary and secondary school in Okyereko for work / internship places within education. Blessed center for children offers shelter, guidance and meals for a fee for those interns.

We have a guesthouse for tourists and acquaintances who want to visit the project. With the proceeds from the Adepam sewing school, the guesthouse and the accommodation of volunteers and interns we want to work towards financial independence.